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Visits to museums

The course includes drawing and painting activities in atelier plus outings, in the warm season, for painting en plein air on the atelier terraces. A quarterly visit to Contemporary Art Collections and Museums is also planned with our drawing equipment for copying from the Masters of Painting.

What we will deal with: The drawing as a structure, a backbone of painting, but also the drawing as the protagonist of the painting on canvas. We will deal with the techniques to try to be able to transcribe, reproduce on paper or canvas the vision of an idea born in thought, trying to detach ourselves from the copy of something. We will try to get to represent our thoughts also using the techniques invented by avant-garde artists. Starting with pencils, pastels and tempera, to arrive at oil paint on paper or canvas.

What the course consists of: Participants will be encouraged to learn and internalize the techniques through suggestions that will tend to show them what, without experience, they still don’t see. Some days will be dedicated to copying the nude and painting en plein air. The outcome of the course will be to solidly create and memorize a direct line between what the students have personally learned and what they need to develop to exercise their hand, such as, last but not least, their Pictorial Thinking.