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Daniela Monica

She was born in Parma, where she attended the Art Institute and then she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, with Concetto Pozzati. She initially worked as a graphic designer in Parma, then moved to London where she stayed for five years. In London she take part in various group exhibitions of contemporary art.

She travels to Japan and Europe and her works depict urban landscapes, portraits of people seen from behind in their natural environment or suspended in an ideal environment. Her works are in various Collections in Italy and abroad.

“Her true profession is the curious. If there is a shape or thing that vibrates and resonates with colors, she sees its spiritual essence and gathers it into visual thoughts which she then paints. She is convinced that drawing and painting are excellent disciplines for developing happiness and through the gratification of the first results of her students, she guides them in learning proportions, tuttotondo and to distribute, through color, light and shadows on things and on the figures.” A.A.

To paint is to learn an image that you perceive as a place that you visit with your mind.